• Fill Out Online Team Registration

• Producer MTG – Check-In & Receive Team #
Friday, June 17th – 6p-7p :: THE LUX @ 120 E 1st

• Provide Signed Release Forms – Talent / Model  •  Music / Composer  •  Location / Property
**We will not be accepting any paper documents unless otherwise noted at the Producers Meeting. Please choose to submit online only or to provide PDFs. 

• Team Roster & Weekend Feedback

+  Any other documents mentioned at the Producers MTG!


NOTES: The only prep work allowed for DTTW is that you can secure your locations and talent now! We understand that getting an owner’s signature of a location on a Friday night or Saturday is ridiculous – so get those signed ahead of time!

TIPS: Submit all your Producer paperwork zipped on your USB flash drive!