1. ALL content MUST be original and created within the 24 Hour Time Period

2. ALL films must contain all required elements including any surprise elements

3. ALL films must be six minutes (06:00) or under from the start of the film to the end of the credits. (Excludes Title Card)

4. ALL finished films must be submitted with all signed (talent/actor, music, & location releases) by the 24 HR deadline

5. Films must not contain anything pornographic, excessively vulgar, or violent for the sake of violence

6. Teams MUST send ONE Producer & ONE Director to each of the REQUIRED Meetings. (the P/D can be the same person, but must attend both meetings).

*If you or someone from your team breaks one or more rules mentioned above, your team is subject to disqualification.


Every Registered Team must name ONE PRODUCER & ONE DIRECTOR.

If the Producer & Director are the same person, this is fine, but he/she still must attend both meetings.

The Producer is required to be at the Producer’s Meeting on the Friday evening before the race starts. This person is the person of contact for us at DTTW and for your team. He/She is responsible for signing and handling all the necessary forms.

The Director is required to be at the Director’s Meeting before the race begins. This meeting will cover the usage of required elements and rules of how they must be integrated.

ONLY 1 PERSON is allowed in each meeting. Your team is welcome to wait outside during these meetings.


Get your Team # at Check-In from 6p-6:59. Producers MTG starts promptly at 7p.

During the race, refer to your checklist and make sure you’ve submitted all the correct documentation and forms.  Double-check so your team doesn’t get disqualified!

DTTW is JUNE 16-18, 2017