Each Registered Team must send (1) one representative to both the Producer’s Meeting & Director’s Meeting.

Only one person per team is allowed into each meeting. The Producer and Director can be the same person and required to attend both meetings.

FRI : JUNE 16 @ The Wichita Carnegie Library : Lecture Hall

  1. Team Registration is $150 & $125 for Student Teams
  2. PRODUCER Check-In
    Your Producer MUST fill out & sign the PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT and register your team members
  3. Those registering for the “STUDENT TEAMS” must have at least 1/2 of your team be students (elementary, middle school, high school, or college). Please provide a copy of all current student identification for validation.

**TO PARTICIPATE YOU MUST BE ON TIME. Team Registration closes promptly at 7p.

Team Producers must check-in before 7p. They can register the team an hour earlier and will receive TEAM # + PACKETS with REQUIRED Documents.

ONLY ONE (1) Producer is allowed in the meeting. We will discuss the Rules, Terms, Agreement, Music, Location, Talent Release Forms, Film Submission Details, and any questions your team may have.

SAT : JUNE 17 @ The Wichita Carnegie Library : Lecture Hall

World Time Clock : This is Absolute Time in DTTW World

Choosing the SECRET Required Elements + discuss how they must be incorporated in films

Last minute Q&As

Teams must create, edit and submit their 6 minute short films within 24 hours. They must creatively weave the required elements into their storyline.

Reference the Rules – Don’t be disqualified for a simple mistake!



Submit TEAM # PACKETS with REQUIRED Documents + Film on a USB Thumb drive

Films submitted after 7:00:01 AM are disqualified.


We are sorry and know that is difficult, but rules are rules!
Please join us for the Showcase and send us your film anyways as we will feature it on this website!

Go get some rest before heading gathering up your teammates to see if your film made it into the Top 10 Showcase at The Orpheum Theatre! Doors open at 6p. Showcase starts at 7p.

Your team will either receive special DTTW tickets or will be available at will-call.

Screening of the Top 10 films will be screened with live VIP Judge feedback with Awards and Prizes available!

Note: If you post your film online or have a group screening before the Top 10 Showcase, your team will be disqualified.