Team #23 • Top10

Synopsis: A potato chip smell designer accidentally ends the world

Required Elements

Action: Eating fancy meal
Sensory: Smell
Technique: Hitchcock “Vertigo” Effect
Prop: Whoopee Cushion
Location: Delano Roundabout

Film Credits & Notes

Director: Dan Overholt
Producer/Film Editor: Kris Broadley
Score By: Ryan Peak
Sound Design: Wes Bergen
Director of Photography: Jaxson Pohlman
1st Assistant Director: Lisa Paine
2nd Assistant Director: Wei He
Key Grip: Willis Overholt
Lead Designer: Sunny Walker
Best Boy: Emilie Neudorf
Dolly Operator: Karissa Broadley
Original Performance by: Mary Beth Byers
Fixer: Chad Irving
Story Consultant: Jill Herbert

Info for the Gearheads

Shot on an Olympus em-5 mark ii and a Canon 5d Mark ii. Edited in Premiere pro. Our special equipment: Lard. 

Weekend Moment Madness
Our funniest moment was using lard to lubricate our dolly tracks in the middle of the night. The best was probably when the pizza arrived.