Team #05 • Best Use of Visual Effect

Synopsis: Charles is following clues to fill in the blanks.

Required Elements

Action: Eating fancy meal
Sensory: Smell
Technique: Hitchcock “Vertigo” Effect
Prop: Puzzle
Location: Commerce Art District
Action: Eating fancy meal

Film Credits & Notes

Charles : Mark Bradshaw
Steve : Keoki Waipa
Rachelle : Jillian Hurst
Smelly Girl : Raychel Wilkins
Writer/Director : Ben Force
Music Composer : Aiden Hamilton
Assistan Director : Emily Davenport

Info for the Gearheads

Shot on a Black Magic Cinema Camera and edited in Davinci Resolve

Weekend Moment Madness
First time shooting in the rain–used a garbage bag to protect the camera. While shooting the puzzle piece montage we lost a puzzle piece inside of a log.