Petal Pusher

Team #23 • Top10

Best Ensemble Cast

Synopsis: Two would-be entrepreneurs find themselves at a “high” stakes dinner with an eccentric, dog loving, drug-addled customer who may be a cross-dressing, flower eating, homicidal maniac.

Required Elements

Action: Eating fancy meal
Sensory: Smell
Technique: Hitchcock “Vertigo” Effect
Prop: Shellflower Seeds
Location: ICT Pop-Up Park

Film Credits & Notes

Director: Alex Thomas
Written by: Alex Thomas, Liz Jackel, Brooke Russell, Drew Thompson
Producers: Brooke Russell, Liz Jackel

Executive Producer: Brooke Russell

Director of Photography: Justin Miller

Music by: Kyle Hollinger, Max Braverman, Chris Perry

Production Designer: Travis Russell
Costumes & Makeup: Heather Cartwright, Sumer Crane
Grip & Sound: Jesse Lee Calhoun

Petal Pusher #1: Matthew Wiseman
Petal Pusher #2: Kody Allen
Petal Buyer: Dylan Mark Lewis
Mother: Janet Cohlmia

Animation by: Dennis Doty

Info for the Gearheads

Premiere Pro
Panasonic GH 4
Canon AX20
External audio
Kino Flo lighting
DJI Phantom

…and umbrellas

Weekend Moment Madness
Funny: (Fake) Shellflowers are surprisingly crunchy
Worst: Unpredictible KS weather
Best: Eating the “stunt” cake