No Mess Too Big

Team #11 • Top10

Best Actress : Briley Meek

Wichita State University Students

Synopsis: A well established psychiatrist contemplates suicide after his wife demands a divorce. However, after meeting with 3 very distinct patients he realizes that there is no mess too big to clean up.

Required Elements

Action: Eating fancy meal
Sensory: Smell
Technique: Hitchcock “Vertigo” Effect
Prop: Two Sponges
Location: Delano Roundabout

Film Credits & Notes

Director: Kevin Keplar
Producer: Kevin Keplar
Producer: Will Horn
Editors: Julian Liby / Alex Lansdowne
WIFE: Mackenzie Augustin
JOEL: Joel Bowers
MAX: Max Frish
DR. HORN: Will Horn
ALEX: Alex Lansdowne
LUKE: Luke Mason
BRILEY: Briley Meek – **Best Actress
Director of Photography: Todd Keefover
Director of Photography: Luke Mason
Sound Design: John Willome
Script Supervisor: Sean Blumenshine
Sound Mixer: Max Frish
Boom Operator: John Willome
Composer: Luke Mason
Composer: John Willome
Composer: Nolan Nez
Composer: Sean Blumenshine
Assistant Director: Joel Bowers
Still Photographer: Julian Liby

Info for the Gearheads

Filming: We used a Canon 70D. For audio: We used the Audio Technica AT897. Editing was done on Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects, and Garage Band.

Weekend Moment Madness
We had a lot of fun recording a behind the scenes video. Our director is coming out of a cold so he barely had a voice by the time we were finished filming. Getting the timing right on the round-about scene was difficult.