Dinner For Two

Team #06

Synopsis: Harry spends a romantic evening with two very normal human girls.

Required Elements

Action: Eating fancy meal
Sensory: Smell
Technique: Hitchcock “Vertigo” Effect
Prop: Green Slime
Location: ICT Pop-Up Park

Film Credits & Notes

Directed by Robert Thomas
Produced by Robert Thomas
Screenplay by Kyle Dilley
Edited by Bret Jones
Original Music by Rian Leigh
“Ascend” by AGGROCRAGG Ethan Gledhill
Talent: Jessica Curtiss
Rian Leigh
Robert Thomas
Duke as Duke
Grips: Bret Jones
Jon Philip Helgason

Info for the Gearheads

Panasonic GH4, Premiere Editor and After Effects

Weekend Moment Madness
Our most talented actor was a dog. The Worst? We got 3 plates of chicken Parmesan from Longhorn Steakhouse and we didn’t even get to actually eat it.