Emotion: Confidence, Madness, Fear, Sadness, Euphoria (seperate for each team)
Green Screen clip provided by Squid Ink Creative

Camera Technique: Dutch Angle (all teams)

Location: Heritage Square Park / Outside of Wichita Carnegie Library & Fidelity Bank (all teams)
Prop / Dialogue: Teams rolled an 8-sided dice and were randomly assigned two words that they had to decide on the spot if they would use as a prop or as part of their dialogue (or both.)

For example:
Critical Chair, Blue Stick, Pristine Stick, Adorable Stick, Colossal Stick, Flimsy Feet, Flimsy Spaghetti, Colossal Fork, Lucky Feet, Adorable Spaghetti, Bite-Sized Stick, Blue Bicycle, Bite-Sized Chair, etc

VIP JUDGES : Chad McClure, Devon Fasbinder, Michael Wunsch

Grand Prize Winner : Team #23 : DEADLOCK WEDLOCK

2nd Place : Team #32 : PLUVIOPHILE

3rd Place : Team #11 : THE NEW PROFESSIONAL

Student Spotlight Award : Team #04 : SUITED FOR DELIVERY