VIP JUDGES : Chad McClure, Devon Fasbinder, Michael Wunsch

Grand Prize Winner : Team #23 : DEADLOCK WEDLOCK

2nd Place : Team #32 : PLUVIOPHILE

3rd Place : Team #11 : THE NEW PROFESSIONAL

Student Spotlight Award : Team #04 : SUITED FOR DELIVERY

Team 13: BE YOURSELF (Producer Harrison Steele & Director Justin Miller)

Team 26: TOUGH TIMES ARE AHEAD (Producer Lonny Quattlebaum & Director Nick Brown)

Team 35: PLUVIOPHILE (Producer Victoria Gayer & Director Naythan Smith) ***2nd Place***

Team 42: DADDY ISSUES (Director Alex Thomas & Producer Brooke Russell)

Team 22: FIDGET SINNER (a student team | Director Micah Streeter & Producer Peter Daood)

Team 25: BOOK CLUB (Director Jackson Laurie & Producer Joey Laurie) ***AUDIENCE AWARD***

Team 37: STANLEY’S DAY (Director Brent Duncan & Producer Tim Rogers)

Team 04: SUITED FOR DELIVERY (Director/Producer Levi Feil) ***Student Spotlight Award***

Team 11: THE NEW PROFESSIONAL (Producer Taylor Dietrich & Director Kelly Johnson) ***3rd Place***

Team 39: OPTIMUM OPPONENT (Director/Producer Kevin Wildt)

Team 23: WEDLOCK DEADLOCK (Director Landon Barton & Producer Jake Fisher) ***1st Place**

Outstanding Female Led Team of Female Filmmakers of Wichita: Team 40:BONNIE RAY GUN AND THE SAVAGE SHADOW (Directed & Produced by Gina Nugen).

  • Best Actor: Mark Anderson, Team #22
  • Best Actress: Jenny Wood, Team #42
  • Best Ensemble Cast: Team #42
  • Best Cinematography: Team #28
  • Best Editing: Team #25
  • Best Production Design: Team #30
  • Best Score / Soundtrack: Team #17
  • Best Screenplay: Team #23
  • Best Use of Required Elements: Team #22 – A Colossal Stick
  • Best Visual Effects: Team #33
  • Best Emerging Filmmaker Team: Team #38

VIP JUDGES : James Choi, Emily Griffin, Fletcher Powell 

 1st Place + Audience Choice Award : Team #18 – The Fifth Sense DTTW

2nd Place : Team #12 : Fast & Delirious

3rd Place + Student Spotlight Award + DTTW:KC Showcase Winner : Team #07 – Invitation To Burn

Team 04 : High-Low Split (Dir. Nate Jones & Roy Nugen / Prod. Nate Jones)

Team 07 : Invitation to Burn (Dir. / Prod.Levi Feil)

Team 11 : No Mess Too Big (Dir. / Prod. Kevin Keplar)

Team 12 : Fast & Delirious (Dir. Kelly Johnson & Jake Trease / Prod. Taylor Dietterich)

Team 17 : Echoes of Sorrow (Dir. / Prod. Naythan Smith)

Team 18 : The Fifth Sense (Dir. Landon Barton / Prod. Jake Fisher)

Team 09 : Fast & Delirious (Dir. Kelly Johnson & Jake Trease / Prod. Taylor Dietterich)

Team 23 : Petal Pusher (Dir. Alex Thomas / Prod. Brooke Russell)

Team 27 : UBERMUNCH (Dir. Dan Overholt / Prod. Kris Broadley)

Team 32 : Clipped (Dir. Colin Wassinger)

Additional Awards Team # Film Name
Best Production Design 22 Soft Impressions
Best Ensemble Cast 23 Petal Pushers
Best Location 33 Table for Two
Best Costumes design 9 Puzzled
Best Emerging Directors 13 Elemental
Best Fancy Meal 21 Larp
Best Cinematography 32 Clipped
Best Actor : Alexander Matthew 17 Echoes of Sorrow
Best Actress : Briley Meek 11 No Mess Too Big
Best Editing 12 Fast and Delirious
Best use of Prop 28 Fresh Start
Best use of Visual Effects 5 Puzzled

VIP JUDGES : Rod Pocowatchit, Hannah Davis, Rod Pocowatchit

Emcees: Sarah Kallail & Emily Strom

Emerging Student Filmmaker Award:
Team # 9: AGENT OF CHANGE, Director/Producer Levi Feil
Student Filmmaker Award:
Team #6: PHO HOT LOVE: Producer Joey Laurie/Director Jackson Laurie


1st Place: PLENTY OF YOU TO GO AROUND – team # 22
2nd Place: LEMON PARADE – team # 18
3rd Place: GRIN & BEAR IT -team # 8


Audience Award:

Team 14: FOOD CON (Producer Patrick Calvillo/Director Ian Blume)
Team 9: AGENT OF CHANGE (Producer/Director Levi Feil )
(Student: Middle School) Team 16: MACK (Producer/Director DJ Canfield)
Team 18: LEMON PARADE (Producer/Director Shane Konicki)
Team 4: FRESH FRUIT & YOGHURT (Producer Brent Duncan/Director Tim Rogers)
Team 8: GRIN AND BEAR IT (Producer/Director Brooke Russell)
Team 19: THE EQUATION (Producer Eelinh Torrell/DirectorKerry Burrow)
Team 1: FRANK GARRETT: OFFICE RAIDER (Producer Greg Steinert/Director Chris Steinert)
Team 22: PLENTY OF YOU TO GO AROUND (Producer/Director Nick Brown)
Team 6: PHOT HOT LOVE (Producer Joey Laurie/Director Jackson Laurie)

Honorable Mention – Team 20: OFF THE BEAT (Proudcer Naythan Smith/Director Andre Kahmeyer)

VIP JUDGES : Anita Cochron, Jason Opat, & Shawn Rhodes

1st place: Team #5 – Copy Cat (Fictional Biopic)
2nd place:Team #12 – Cat Zero (Creature Feature)
3rd place: Team #16 -One Life Left (Adventure)

Emerging Student Filmmaker: Team #26 – Little Kitty in the Big City (Western) Circle High School
Student Filmmaker Team: Team #31  – Dress Xing (Coming of Age)

HONORABLE MENTIONS (Rounding out Top 15:)
Team #15: Conscious (Adventure)
Team #17: From Wichita with Love (Spy Film)
Team #8: Mr Hawthorn’s Missing Items (Film Noir)

Audience Award: 1. Team #18 – The Good, The Bad & The Furry (Western)
(Runner up: 10. Team #16 -One Life Left (Adventure)

(in order of appearance)
1. Team #18 – The Good, The Bad & The Furry (Western)
2. Team #13 – Better Luck This Time (Fantasy)
3. Team #1 – The Curse of the Cat (Musical)
4. Team #19 – Le Chat Noir (Film Noir)
5. Team #4 – Pussies (Western)
6. Team #5 – Copy Cat (Fictional Biopic)
7. Team #29 – Clowder (Coming of Age)
8. Team #11 – Catnap (RomCom)
9. Team #12 – Cat Zero (Creature Feature)
10. Team #16 -One Life Left (Adventure)

VIP Judges included Kevin Keplar, Carol Hughes, & Lonny Quattlebaum

2nd Place: </PHISH<
3rd Place (tie): Vlad & Coco & FRAMES
Student Award: Identity of a Shattered Mind (Maize High School)
Audience Choice Award: UNMASKED

(in order of appearance)

Film #1: </PHISH<
Film #2: Close Encounters of the Bird Kind
Film #3: FRAMES
Film #4: Identity of a Shattered Mind
Film #5: Vlad & Coco
Film #6: Special Delivery
Film #7: Sudden Confusion
Film #9: No Time for Polar Bears
Film #10: Nick Gets Replaced
Honorable Mention: Why Not?

VIP Judges included Sarah Kallail, Wynn Ponder, & Peter Jasso

2nd Place: Step-Hooker
3rd Place: PANTS
Student Award: Or Maybe…
Audience Choice Award: PANTS

89 Tempo
The Inciteful Tree
Last Stop
Or Maybe…
Honorable Mentions: The Room & Control


Emotion: Confidence, Madness, Fear, Sadness, Euphoria (seperate for each team)
Green Screen clip provided by Squid Ink Creative

Camera Technique: Dutch Angle (all teams)

Location: Heritage Square Park / Outside of Wichita Carnegie Library & Fidelity Bank (all teams)
Prop / Dialogue: Teams rolled an 8-sided dice and were randomly assigned two words that they had to decide on the spot if they would use as a prop or as part of their dialogue (or both.)  

For example:
Flimsy Spaghetti, Critical Chair, Blue Stick, Pristine Stick, Adorable Stick, Colossal Stick, Flimsy Feet, Flimsy Spaghetti, Colossal Fork, Lucky Feet, Adorable Spaghetti, Bite-Sized Stick, Blue Bicycle, Bite-Sized Chair, etc

Action: Eating fancy meal (all teams)
Sensory: Smell (all teams)
Cinematic Technique: Hitchcock “Vertigo” Effect (all teams)
Location: Keeper of the Plains / Union Station / Commerce Arts District / Delano Roundabout (varied by team)
Prop in a Box (varied by team)

GENRE : Action • Adventure • Comedy • Drama • Fantasy/Supernatural • RomCom • Science Fiction • Thriller • Wildcard (Musical / Creature Feature / Coming of Age)

PLOT DEVICE : A Plot Twist

CHARACTER ARCHETYPE : The Alchemist • The Child  • The Engineer • The Femme Fatale • The Fool • The Medicine Man • The Pioneer • The Scribe • The Thief • The Trickster

LOCATION: In a Closet

ACTION:  Walk like an Egyptian

CHARACTER: Short Haired Cat Rancher

LOCATION: Downtown Wichita Bridge (1st/2nd St • Douglas Ave • Maple)

PROP: Cars + Drivers courtesy of BlackTop Nationals 

GENRE: Musical • Creature Feature • Fictional Biopic • RomCom • Film Noir • Fantasy (PG) • Adventure • Spy Film • Western • Thriller • Coming of Age

ACTION: Slap in the face

 “You can’t stand up in a Cadillac, either.” – Bill Lear

PROP: Car Radio 

 Identity Theft

 a B-52 cockpit simulator provided by NuTek Simulations

PROP: Keys on a Keying

LINE: “This isn’t going to have a happy ending.”

LOCATION: At a Bus Stop

THEME: Catch 22