1. ALL content MUST be original and created within the 24 Hour Time Period

2. ALL films must contain all required elements including any surprise elements

3. ALL films must be six minutes (06:00) or under from the start of the film to the end of the credits. (Excludes Title Card)

4. ALL finished films must be submitted with all signed (talent/actor, music, & location releases) by the 24 HR deadline

5. Films must not contain anything pornographic, excessively vulgar, or violent for the sake of violence

6. Teams MUST send ONE Producer & ONE Director to each of the REQUIRED Meetings. (the P/D can be the same person, but must attend both meetings).

*If you or someone from your team breaks one or more rules mentioned above, your team is subject to disqualification.

Since 2012, Tallgrass Film Association and CreativeRush has partnered together to create Down to the Wire a 24 HR Film Race. Every year our filmmakers and community come together to support this industry in our community.

The race takes place annually in June and participants can enter on their own as a team of one or with up to fifteen people. Teams have 24 hours to write, produce, shoot and edit a short film that is six minutes or less. All films are required to include The Elements that are randomly selected at the beginning of the race.

Once films are turned in by the 24-hour deadline, a jury will screen each film, and a Top 10 will be showcased at the Orpheum Theatre at 7:00 pm that night. This showcase will feature a panel VIP Judges, CreativeRush’s OrangeCouch, Awards & Prizes, and a beautiful historic theater filled will people!

General Admission tickets available online and at the door*

Filmmakers find more info on the race by reading our Rules, Regulations, Registration, and the Full Schedule.

2012 : 34 teams — 220 Registered Team Members — 27 films — 500+ showcase

2013 : 35 teams  — 285 Registered Team Members — 28 films — 750+ showcase

2014 : 31 teams — 310 Registered Team Members — 29 films — 900+ showcase

2015 : 27 teams — 267 Registered Team Members — 26 films — 850+ showcase

2016 : 34 teams — 290 Registered Team Members — 34 films — 1000+ showcase